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Title: The Dialogue and Advocacy Initiatives for Reforming the Business Environment
Authors: Centre for Policy Research and Advocacy (CPRA)
Keywords: Public-Private Dialogue (PPD)
Business environment
Issue Date: Mar-2016
Publisher: Centre for Policy Research and Advocacy (CPRA)
Abstract: The study aims to obtain a comprehensive picture of the public-private dialogue (PPD) initiatives for reforming the business environment of the tourism and hospitality sector in Tanzania. Data collected from various stakeholders in the tourism and hospitality sector indicates that the sector has numerous PPD platforms to address key issues. The report also shows a number of success stories in undertaking PPD in the sector. The success is attributed to the readiness of stakeholders to tackle the challenges facing them. However, the PPD platforms are largely overlapping in terms of subject matters, mandates, participants and (sometimes) timing. Thus, for effectiveness and efficiency, there is a strong need to have a harmonized, well planned and monitored PPD initiatives across the tourism and hospitality sector. Furthermore, it is essential for the public and private sector to work in partnership to enhance mutual understanding and develops trust so as to work together and arrive at viable solutions to various challenges. They must also work transparently to enhance trust between them, which appear to be missing at present. The study implies that participation by both the private and public sector in policy making can lead to better policies. For this to happen, the dialogue process needs considerable planning and investment. Furthermore, there is urgent need to address the overlapping PPD platforms.
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