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1Why TZ needs to embrace horticulture, allied industriesBusiness Week Reporter
1Zonal officers ordered to help formalize all small scale minesNg'hily, Dickson
1Mixed reaction to WB’s doing business reportsMakangale, Damas
1PM urges Tanzanians to exploit foreign marketOnyango, Emmanuel
1Tawoma: Policy needed to spur economic development through artinasal miningAndrew, Felix
1Isles government buys 4,446 tons of cloves worth 67bn/-The Guardian Reporter
1Best ways to make tourism tickAkko, Cyrill
21-Feb-1930Business Names (Registration) Act, Act No. 13 of 1991 (Revised Edition 2002)The United Republic of Tanzania
15-May-1931Sales of Goods ActThe United Republic of Tanzania
1-Jun-1954The Land Registration Act Chapter 334 of the Laws, Revised Edition 2002The United Republic of Tanzania
1-Nov-1954The Excise (Management and Tariff) ActThe United Republic of Tanzania
25-May-1956The Trustees’ Incorporation Act, (Act No. 10 0f 1999)United Republic of Tanzania
3-Mar-1961The Law of Contracts Chapter 345 of the Laws, Revised Edition 2002The United Republic of Tanzania
16-May-1963The Merchandise Marks Act, (Act No. 20 of 1963)The United Republic of Tanzania
17-Apr-1967The Business Licensing Act, (Act No. 25 of 1972)The United Republic of Tanzania
1969A critique of Markov analysis in forecasting market sharesArmstrong, J. Scott; Farley, John U.
1980Agricultural productivity and surplus production in Tanzania.Kjaerbr, Finn
11-Jun-1980Tax evaders under watch-Deputy AGThe Guardian Correspondent
1990Competitive performance of formal and informal milk marketing channels in Northern Tanzania: The case of Hai districtMdoe, N.S.Y.; Nyange, D
8-May-1990Coconut pilot projectThe world Bank