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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-May-20122500 Lindi farmers trained on modern commercial farmingPhilemon, Beatrice
13-Feb-201260 firms to take part in tourism exhibition in GermanyPhilemon, Beatrice
20-Jun-2011ABSA stakes aside USD50m for Tanzania farmersPhilemon, Beatrice
22-Jun-2011African states urged to jointly promote tourismPhilemon, Beatrice
1-Nov-2016Avocado growers secure a niche in the UK marketPhilemon, Beatrice
22-Jul-2011Bank out to support small businessesPhilemon, Beatrice
15-Nov-2009Cluster wants Bagamoyo to be tourist heritage centre by 2018Philemon, Beatrice
14-Sep-2009Cultural tourism promotion now comes up with new strategiesPhilemon, Beatrice
24-Jul-2009Despite the crunch, tourism has better room for growth than other sectorsPhilemon, Beatrice
30-Jun-2011Devise better strategy to lure domestic tourists-callPhilemon, Beatrice
15-Jul-2011Dodoma sunflower, honey farmers need government supportPhilemon, Beatrice
16-Feb-2017EA grain council to hold two meetings to promote value chainPhilemon, Beatrice
30-Jul-2010Envoy: I’ve only accomplished one task in promoting TanzaniaPhilemon, Beatrice
5-Aug-2011EOTF economic wing secures cashew nut markets abroadPhilemon, Beatrice
26-Jan-2012Expert unveils secrets of luring US touristPhilemon, Beatrice
17-Jul-2013Exporters urged to create data bank to boost salesPhilemon, Beatrice
20-Jun-2009Firms awarded for selling Tanzania as a tourist destinationPhilemon, Beatrice
2-Jun-2009French firm organizes adventurous safari to boost Tanzanian tourismPhilemon, Beatrice
4-Dec-2009GDP to decline by big marginsPhilemon, Beatrice
2-Jun-2010German, Dutch World Cup tourists to promote Tanzania back bonePhilemon, Beatrice